The NIBRS Pre-Certification Tool (PCT) provides law enforcement agencies, responsible for submitting Incident-Based Reports (IBR) data to State Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) programs, the ability to test their submissions in advance of its formal delivery. State UCR programs may also use the NIBRS PCT to test their IBR submissions before beginning the NIBRS certification process with the FBI. The NIBRS PCT exercises the NIBRS data edit and validation rules and provides formatted output of errors, so that submitters may correct their data submissions and, ultimately, speed the FBI CJIS and/or state IBR certification process. Through this tool, users can validate NIBRS submissions in "flat file" or XML formats.

Important notes:

  • The validation rules implemented by the NIBRS PCT only reflect the FBI’s NIBRS rules and do not include state-specific data elements and rules. Likewise, the NIBRS PCT cannot validate some NIBRS rules specific to the submitting agency. See Tool Limitations for specific details.
  • The NIBRS PCT is intended to assist the user in understanding how well its data aligns with the FBI NIBRS standard version 3.1. It is not intended to substitute for FBI NIBRS or State certification.

The NIBRS PCT is licensed under the open source Apache License, version 2.0 . The source code is available here.

or drop file here to validate. You can validate multiple NIBRS XML files at once or a single NIBRS text file. (drag-and-drop is not currently supported in IE)
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