The National Incident-Based Reporting System

Welcome to the NIBRS Services Toolset

The NIBRS Services Toolset provides law enforcement agencies, state UCR programs, and other users with tools to process and understand NIBRS data.
  1. Free to use
  2. Must create an account to access tools

NIBRS Pre-Certification Tool (PCT)

  • Pre-checks NIBRS records to identify submission or validation errors
  • Accepts NIBRS data in flat file format or XML formats
  • Applies the FBI’s 2019.1 NIBRS validation rules. Produces a list of errors following the standard FBI error file format
  • Errors may be downloaded for resolution as Excel, CSV or PDF
  • Records are automatically deleted unless saved by the user

NIBRS to Summary Reporting Tool (N2S)

  • Converts NIBRS data to 8 Summary UCR reports
  • Compares NIBRS crime counts to prior crime counts reported under the summary reporting System
  • Reports are produced interactively
  • May be downloaded as Excel spreadsheet
  • Must first run PCT to be able to access N2S
The NIBRS Services Toolset is free to use, but users are required to create an account in order to access the tools. Registration ensures that only authorized users have access to their NIBRS data, and enables SEARCH to contact users when updates. Account information will not be shared with any third parties, nor will we use registration information for marketing.