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Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Marijuana Seeds Biology

Marijuana seeds are the product of the cannabis plant, made by breeding male and female cannabis plants together. The male pollen given to the female stigma starts the process of making the marijuana seed. Once the seeds have developed to maturity, the resulting seed strain produces expressions with mixed genetics from the mother and father plants. Researchers in the medical marijuana field such as Ben Anair, work to breed together thousands of strains in endless combinations. This process is called hybridization.

Marijuana Seeds Hybridization

Hybridization of cannabis genetics is widely popular in the legal and recreational cannabis community. Since as early as the 1960's pot breeders have strived to create productive, high yielding, potent and resinous strains of weed. The seeds of these elite cannabis strains with unique cannabinoid variations are highly desired by growers across the United States. In legal cultivation areas, selecting the optimal genetics can give growers a rewarding harvest.

Purchasing Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis genetics can be obtained in seed or clone form. There exists a range of various seed types, including regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds. Consumers buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank. The cannabis seed bank will sell seeds produced by different breeders. Shipping is typically worldwide, however certain seed banks only deliver to Europe. The consumer is advised to opt for marijuana seed banks that ship to the United States.